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I will always remember the kindness and warm welcome of Missing Dad’s hosts on my 12-state American tour from May to June last year. It was so impressive to see the central role that the county libraries play as a hub of the community – and in encouraging teen reading during the holidays. A huge Thank You to all you friends and keen readers! It would be wonderful to hit that trail again one day ... who knows?



How exciting to see that Missing Dad is being adopted by UK secondary schools who are finding it a great reading incentive:


“The length – at fewer than 200 pages – means that it isn’t daunting. The action is fast and gripping but easy to follow.”

Catherine Watkins, Librarian, St Peter’s RC High School, Gloucester


“I have been using your book as part of our reading intervention book group and it’s been very successful.”

Lynne Adams, Librarian, Marling Grammar School, Stroud


“Great news about Book 2 as we have had many requests from your fans here in Gloucester Academy!! Sam and I are hoping for another great World Book Day enjoying your company.”

Carole Oliver and Sam Brinkworth, Librarians, Gloucester Academy


It’s so exciting to go into schools and hear the views of young readers. I really couldn’t wish for a better way to get my teen spy thriller series off the ground.

“Doesn’t let up for an instant ...” – Books Monthly


“I would totally recommend this thrilling young adult book to crime lovers” – I Love Books


“ ... an enjoyable, fast paced thriller with a great crime slant, fantastic cars and dangerous car chases ... There is more to come and so I am looking forward to more exciting adventures” – The School Librarian


'Your book, Missing Dad Wanted ,was loaned to me by a relative of yours, Rosemary Ann Dilley.It was such a refreshing read and I so enjoyed it I am looking forward to the next in the series.'

- Anne Mitchell, Virginia, USA


'Missing Dad: Wanted is the first in a planned series about Joe St Aubin and his search for his missing father. It's a thoroughly enjoyable, action-packed ride, underpinned by the emotional tether of a boy's love and need for his father. Any reader who loves motors and engines and cars will want to read it. I think the most vivid scenes in the book are the car chases, which are truly exhilarating. And the descriptions of the cars are equally appealing. I don't like cars much but even I wanted a go in the Bentley!

The action comes thick and fast in other ways too, as Joe is drawn further and further into a criminal world and learns more and more about the father he can barely remember. There are car chases, flying bullets, explosions, threats, drug deals, high altitude rescues and everything else you can imagine. But Joe keeps his eyes on the prize throughout and you can't help but root for him.

... overall Missing Dad: Wanted is a genuinely enjoyable action thriller. I would certainly read book two - especially because this one ends on a dratted cliffhanger!'



“You really managed to get inside the head of a teenage boy – amazing! It was so scary that I couldn’t read it last thing at night.”

D Taylor, Buckinghamshire



A new four-part thriller. Sixteen year old Joe St Aubin’s father is a secret agent who has gone missing while working undercover.


With girlfriend Becks Bowman, Joe must enter the criminal underworld where his father disappeared.



Missing Dad J Ryan twisted