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Missing Dad Twisted

In Missing Dad Book 2: Twisted, Joe and Becks are hurled back into the criminal underworld where his secret agent father has disappeared.


Monsieur holds the key to finding Joe’s father. But after the destruction of

arch-villain Bertolini’s UK drug-running operation, Monsieur is being hunted by the police.


Then, on a half-term trip to the South of France, Joe and Becks have a terrifying encounter with Bertolini. As the dark tentacles of the Corsican’s empire threaten the teenagers’ lives once more, the action intensifies. A dramatic rescue from the haunted citadel of Les Baux de Provence leads to a life and death battle in the Corsican mountains ...


Twisted is the second in the four-part ‘Missing Dad’ series featuring teenagers Joe St Aubin and girlfriend Becks Bowman.

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Missing Dad Wanted

Missing Dad – Wanted is the first in a new series featuring the gutsy Joe St Aubin, the teenage son of a secret agent who has disappeared while working undercover.


Sixteen year old Joe and his girlfriend Becks Bowman must learn the hard way how to deal with the criminal underworld after his father, secret agent Commander Julius Grayling, disappears. Desperately missing his father and failing at school, Joe is in deep trouble for driving underage, and suspected of a hit and run. In a chance encounter with the real culprit, a drug runner, Joe attracts the attention of billionaire drugs baron Alfredo Bertolini, who is hell bent on revenge.


Joe is offered a glamorous job as chauffeur to the charismatic Monsieur Le Directeur of L’toile Fine Wines, but his world implodes when he realises that he has been set up as a drug runner, in a Bentley loaded with cocaine and men with guns behind him. In the most terrifying drive of his life, Joe has to resort to some unusual tactics to deal with his unwelcome company.


But even more danger awaits Joe and Becks when they confront Monsieur Le Directeur. The price of discovering whether he is friend or foe to Joe’s father turns into a nightmare of darkness, fire and water that drives the teenagers to the edge of despair.


This series draws its appeal from Joe’s desperate search and love for his father and features compelling characters, fast cars and heart-stopping action.

missing dad

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