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Missing Dad

The desperate search for his missing secret agent father: sixteen year old Joe St Aubin and girlfriend Becks Bowman learn the hard way how to deal with the criminal underworld where his dad disappeared.

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missing dad


Missing Dad

Joe and Becks are hurled back into the criminal underworld where his secret agent father disappeared. New allies take the stage, and so do new enemies: could one of them be Joe’s father, working for the wrong side?


2. Twisted

Missing Dad

A deadly poisoner is reaching out from the past towards someone whom Joe and Becks have come to love. Someone, Joe says, ‘who has been like a father to me, all the time I’ve been looking for mine.’ This is the darkest and most terrifying of the Missing Dad novels so far.

3. Wasted


Missing Dad

Action that rolls like a juggernaut after Joe’s shocking discovery about his father’s secret past.  All of Joe’s brothers in arms from the previous books join forces with him and Becks in this make or break mission to find his dad and bring him home.

4. Mission


Missing Dad

Trying to put right a terrible injustice, Joe and Becks face malevolence and firepower they have never before encountered. In the terrifying climax, the teenagers are on board a ship loaded with smuggled missiles, with a nuclear power plant in meltdown – heading relentlessly for the world’s third largest whirlpool.

5. Justice