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About the Author

I’d been writing fancy ads for fast cars for most of my working life

when I quit the advertising business and went to work in a school.


The courage of some of these young people simply blew me away.

Many were refugees from war-torn countries who had lost family

members. Many had lived in foster homes all their lives. Some were

looking after sick parents and missing hundreds of hours of school.

Yet they never complained, but just quietly got on with their lives.

And if one of them was having a bad day, there would always be a

friend at their side.


These two themes – of courage when something is deeply wrong

with your life, and looking out for your mates – are the driving force

of Missing Dad.


So we have Joe, desperately missing his secret agent father, failing at school and doing crazy things like driving underage. And we have his girlfriend Becks, who comes from an unloving home, but instead focuses all her fierce loyalty on Joe. And we have the beginning of a quest that will test their courage and friendship to the limit. Because to try and find Joe’s father, secret agent Commander Julius Grayling, the pair have to descend into the criminal underworld where he has disappeared.

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A new four-part thriller. Sixteen year old Joe St Aubin’s father is a secret agent who has gone missing while working undercover.


With girlfriend Becks Bowman, Joe must enter the criminal underworld where his father disappeared.



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